Veejay Shah is a renowned Vastu and Geo Vastu consultant from Mumbai. With an experience spanning over 25 years, he specialises in offering customised Vastu solutions for residential and commercial spaces for old and new constructions. He provides online and on-site consultation.


As part of his consultation he –

  • Helps identify negative & harmful energies that cause bad health, stress, and general discord.
  • Provides practical solutions, advice, and tools that can help you correct the existing defects and harmonise your living or working space with minimum breakage or physical changes.
  • Helps harmonise earth, global and cosmic energies in property with human body for health and mental peace.


In addition to India, he has worked on projects across the globe ranging from UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Kenya, Japan and Dubai.


What is Vastu?

Vastu has the ability to change a human’s cosmic path and guide him or her to stability and success.

Vastu is an architectural science that helps create maximum harmony inside spaces for health, mental peace, and successful relationships. Vastu is the world’s oldest system of architecture, which has survived the test of time and is still in practice.

Vastu is a unique process of balancing the five elements in your home, business, or office. The five elements are earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (agni), air (vaayu), and space. Each of these five elements is associated with a direction and each direction has a positive or negative influence on us. As living beings on this earth, we are also influenced by electromagnetic and stellar energies. Vastu science reviews all these influences along with the design and layout measurements, space arrangement, spatial geometry, and other aspects of architecture, and strives to recommend the best environment around us.

In our lives, we all crave for health, happiness, and harmony. VastuTruth combines the Vastu sciences and energy balances and offer recommendations to help you attain all of these within your building walls.